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Lizards suitable for beginners
Easy species of lizards for the budding reptile keeper

The best species of lizards to start with would be either a Leopard gecko or Bearded Dragon.


Leopard gecko – easiest of all lizards – grow to around 8” long. Great with a heat mat and no fancy forms of lighting. Also the cheapest to set up. Our starter kit is very comprehensive - see details by clicking on this link  Starter kit for Leopard geckos.  


Click this link for a detailed care sheet on this species:

Leopard geckos and other terrestrial geckos

And here for pictures:

Leopard gecko Gallery       



Bearded Dragon – Still an easy lizard, but needs a more complicated heating sysem than the Leopard gecko. Do not try to keep Beardies on a heat mat – it won’t work and he will probably become ill and eventually die. Please remember that the cheaper quotes from other shops will be with a heat mat and bulb (rather than ceramic heaters) and will not include all the other bits and pieces you will need to successfully keep a Bearded Dragon. Click on the following link for further details on our starter kit  Starter kit for Bearded Dragons. Beardies grow to around 18” long. For further care details click this link:

The Care of Bearded Dragons , and for pictures click this one: Dragon's Gallery    


The lizards above all eat live insects. Bearded Dragons also eat salads, but cannot be fed exclusively on this. A Dab lizard (often called Urmastyx) are purely vegetarian and are also relatively easy to keep. Leopard geckos will eventually need a 24” long vivarium, Beardies around 48” long.





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