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Snakes for beginners and budding keepers.
Easy species of snake that will make good pets.

The best snake to begin with is the Corn snake. There are many different colour morphs and they are tame and placid. They live fine on a heat mat and do not need any fancy forms of lighting.   


A Corn snake eats mice, bought from us as frozen and does not need feeding daily. They grow to around 5 feet long (still small enough to coil up on your hand) and will eventually need a vivarium around 2 feet long.  


Other species of snakes are also suitable as beginners, more help and advice can be given. Please remember that some species of snake will not do well on heat mats, these are mainly species of boas and pythons and will need the more expensive heating systems such as ceramic heaters.

Hatchling Corn snake Starter kit  


Pla-house Plastic Faunarium       £5.11

Habimat Mat Stat     £31.60

Reptile One ReptiMat Heat mat 7w 15x28cm     £13.61

Hatchling size water bowl  £1.99

Reptile One Log Hide 14.5x7x7.5cm       £4.29

Cascade Cleaner     £3.88


Total RRP      £60.48


Discounted kit price £55.00


It is important to house a hatchling in a small Faunarium as babies will not feed well in a larger one. This size will last for around 3-4 months and then a purchase of the next size up is required. This will last for a further 3-4 months and then the next Faunarium will be required. After a further 3-4 months the adult vivarium will be required. A 24x15x15 is ideal, these are £64 flat-pack.


Click on this link for a full care sheet:


Cornsnakes and other Ratsnakes 

And for pictures click on this link:

Corn snakes Gallery    


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