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The Terrainium is a well thought out new approach to housing reptiles that dont require extra height to their living space. It is fully built around the needs of reptiles that use "belly heat" under floor heating in the form of a heat mat. Suitable species include Leopard geckos and Colubrid snakes such as Corn and King snakes.

There is a purpose designed slot for the heat mat (all popular brands will fit), a glass front for viewing and a hinged wood /glass lid that has firm locking clips. Vents are also fitted to allow flow through of air.

Constructed of Melamine, and fully sealed. Available in three size in a pleasant Oak finish. Ready built, no assembly required.

Small Terrainium 18" x 6" x 11.5"  - RRP £43.90 Horny Toad price £32.92

Medium Terrainium 24" x 8" x 15" - RRP £66.48 Horny Toad price £49.86

Large Terrainium 30" x 8" x 15"- RRP £74.99 Horny Toad price £56.24


Exclusive deal supplied by Horny Toad - sent via Coast to Coast Exotics! Please note prices may differ at Coast to Coast Exotics "bricks and mortar" store in Darlington. Coast to Coast Exotics Reward Card points cannot be collected nor used for this Horny Toad on-line only deal.

Pictures for illustration only - includes only the Terrainium, not decor, animals, heaters etc.

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