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Starter kit for Bearded Dragons
A comprehensive kit for the correct care of a Beardie

Melamine Vivarium 36"x18"x21"  £84.95

Lucky Reptile Thermosocket / Reflector set        £24.59

(Fittings and safety for heater)     

Habistat Temperature Thermostat            £39.10

Starter Controller (to fire up the Fluorescent)     £27.99

Reptile One Fluorescent UVB tube 10% 36"      £23.59

Reptile One Ceramic heater 100w           £22.99

Nutrobal 50g             £5.93

Komodo Calcium cricket Dust 200g         £4.79

2 x Reptile One Bowl 13x11cm     £9.82

Komodo Habitat Dial Thermometer          £4.36

Cascade Cleaner     £3.88


Total RRP      £251.99


Discounted kit price £225.00


Upgrades:      (Discounted)

Do you want automatic control of day and night temperatures?       

Add this Habistat Pulse Proportional Day and Night Stat.       £12.00


Do you want automatic control of day and night temperatures and 

also automatic on / off for your lights? Add a Lucky Reptile Pro 2 Stat         £15.00


Do you want Full spectrum lighting as well as UVB?   £32.00

Add another Starter controller and a Reptile One 2% 36" Tube         


Do you want to significantly increase the output of your lighting?   

Add a 3 feet long reflector  £10.00


Do you want a 4 feet long vivarium instead?    

Includes increase in lighting and heating (Longer tubes and 150w heater)            £35.00


Do you want to add a Livefood survival kit? This consists of;

Lees Small Cricket Keeper, Bug Grub Jar and Beastie Drink £17.00

Sorry we do not believe in selling the usual light bulb system for the average beginner and keepers with smaller collections. This system is much cheaper but often results in poor health for the Bearded Dragon or other basking lizard and eventual death. Keep this in mind when comparing costs with other shops. In no way use a heat mats for Bearded Dragons and other basking lizards. Only lizards such as Leopard geckos live well with heat mats. Make sure that a competitors vivarium is toughened glass – the glass will be stamped!

 It is important to house a hatchling in a 36x18x24 as babies will not feed well in a larger one. This size will last for around 8-9 months and then a purchase of the next size up is required. Some keepers upgrade to the larger vivarium and partition it to save money. The cost at the moment is around £115 for a flat pack 48x18x24.


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