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General > Starter kit for Keeping Leopard geckos correctly
Starter kit for Keeping Leopard geckos correctly
A very comprehensive pack for beginners

Exo-terra Medium Flat Faunarium           £11.89

Komodo Caco Calcium Sand       £11.99

Exo-terra Snake Cave Hide (for wet hide)           £13.49

Reptile One Log Hide 14.5x7x7.5cm       £4.29

Reptile One Water Bowl 9.5x7.8cm          £3.06

Habimat Mat Stat     £31.60

Reptile One ReptiMat Heat mat 7w 15x28cm     £13.69

Nutrobal 50g             £5.93

Komodo Calcium cricket Dust 200g         £4.79

Lees Small Cricket Keeper            £12.99

Bug Grub Jar            £2.99

Komodo Beastie Drink        £2.99


Total RRP      £119.70


Discounted kit price £108.00


It is important to house a hatchling in a Medium Faunarium as babies will not feed well in a larger one. This size will last for around 3-4 months and then a purchase of the next size up is required. The cost at the moment is around £20. This will last for a further 3-4 months and then the adult vivarium will be required. A 24x15x15 is ideal, these are around £64 flat-pack and around £75 ready made.




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