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Little Bears Nursery and Pre-School

Welcome to Little Bears Day Nursery & Pre School. We are a 30 place setting that is open 51 weeks of the year. Our primary goal is to be the first choice for families requiring professional childcare and early years education, providing the highest quality that is both accessible and affordable. Little Bears differentiates itself by a passionate attention to detail in everything that we do.

Children here are safe, loved and stimulated in an efficient, well managed and maintained manner; this creates an atmosphere of happiness and security. We promote a healthy understanding and respect for natural values in all aspects of the nursery. We do not feel a child begins to learn only when they turn a particular age, therefore we begin a gradual introduction to the more structured learning process as soon as we feel each child is mature enough to do so.

Children need to make sense of the world through curiosity, discovery and involvement in guided activities, set at the right level for their individual capabilities. Their social and emotional needs must be met and this is considered to be of paramount importance in small children. A happy, loving atmosphere with plenty of cuddles allows a child to develop his or her true potential. We pride ourselves on creating a secure and happy environment to enable the children to be responsive to the opportunities for emotional, social and cognitive development.

Little Bears Nursery and Pre-SchoolHere at Little Bears we make sure each child is treated as an individual with equal opportunities, we see each child as a whole person, not simply as a 2, a 2-3, or a 3-5 year old. Therefore whilst following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) we will be guided by the individual child, their choices and thirst for knowledge and will encourage each child to develop to their full potential. Over a period of time we will build up a development record which will clearly show a record of achievement, which will be completed by the Nursery staff, parents and the children. The children are not pressurised because learning should be fun, children have absorbent minds, a natural curiosity and lots of enthusiasm for learning and we will help them channel these energies.

We want your child to leave our Nursery with the confidence and skills to help them meet the challenges that lie ahead in the school system and beyond. We passionately believe this to be a joint effort between the nursery and the parents. If you would like to view the nursery then please contact us on 01908 232832 or email us at childcare@littlebears.org.uk

A small nursery and pre-school with a BIG welcome, where every child matters

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