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Permanent Make-up Solutions and Reflower Clinics
Permanent Make-up Solutions & Reflower Clinics

At Serenity we are very fortunate to have two well established companies running monthly clinics on a regular basis. They are Permanent Make-up Solutions who provided semi-permanent make-up for eyes, brows, lips etc and Reflower who provided a wide range of advanced treatments including dermal fillers.

Permanent Make-up Solutions -Tarryn Vice

Tarryn has over 12 years of experience as a micropigmentation specialists and trainer. She has trained worldwide, including South Africa, England, Thailand and Berlin, to expand her skills as a permanent make-up artist. Her fresh innovative ideas, precise techniques and encyclopedic knowledge of colour has put her at the very top of her profession.

Working with the UK's leading cosmetic and medical tatooing specialists, Finishing Touches, Tarryns reputation as a technician and trainer is unsurpassed. in 2007 Tarryn was awarded the very prestigious contract of Micropigmentation trainer to Harrods.

Tarryn's compassion and understanding of her clients needs is evident through her treatments and results. She endeavours to give each and every client the most exceptional treatment possible.

Tarryn visits Serenity on a monthly basis and a booking and deposit is required to secure you appointment.

Reflower Clinic

Helen has worked as a Collagen Practitioner for over 25 years and originally trained and worked in the USA for the company that made Collagen in the early 80's and it was her job in England to train the doctors. By the end of the 80's she was injecting full time and is now one of the longest serving practitioners in the UK. For many years there was only Collagen available as a dermal filler but now there are many more, some safe and many not so safe.

Helen will only use those fillers that are completely biodegradable which means that over time they are excreted by the body. This has many benefits as they do not affect you health now or in the future and as you age you can determine the amount of correction to lines and wrinkles that you feel is realistic...the fashion for biggger lips may look good on a young woman but can look somewhat stange on an 70 year old!

Helen has appeared on TV demonstrating the use of various fillers and is often asked to demonstrate at exhibitions for the various pharmaceutical companies.

Reflower also does acid peels, cosmetic needling and re-hydrating treatments for the face, neck, chest and hands.

Consultations are free and confidential although be warned, Helen can be very honest about what can or can't be done.

Helen visits us on a monthly basis and a booking and deposit is required to secure your appointment.




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