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Buttons for order

Taylors Buttons hand-covered buttons are made to order; every button is individually crafted by hand and takes about a minute to complete.

This is a labour-intensive job and the time and trouble that Maureen Rose takes over every single button is evident in the quality of the finished product. Taylors Buttons' covered buttons can be made in just about any style or shape the customer may wish. The six standard covered button shapes most frequently requested are the 'dome, flat, square, half ball, high ball and stitch-through styles'. 

The domed style of covered button is available in a variety of sizes from 10mm (10 ligne) to 38mm (60 ligne). The high ball style ranges in size from 10mm (10 ligne) to 22mm (36 ligne). Any of these may be produced with a covered back, or 'couture back' (used extensively in bridal wear and evening wear). Also for dress wear is a beautiful, black silk basket weave button, the fabric for which is exclusive to Taylors Buttons (Maureen Rose even supplies her main competitor with it).

Upholstery buttons of a variety of specifications can be covered in any fabric, too. Taylors Buttons produce beautiful hand-made leather belts and have an array of prong-and-eyelet buckles in stock. They provide fabric-covered belts and buckles to order. Taylors Buttons also provide a button dyeing service. Any of Taylors' enormous range of white nylon buttons can be professionally dyed to any colour and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Taylors Buttons London also offer button engraving (they have recently received an order to engrave buttons for Arsenal Football Club). Last but not least, Maureen Rose possesses an incredible assortment of vintage and new stocked buttons which line the walls of her tiny and fascinating shop. There are many hundreds of different buttons to choose from, some of which are 70 or 80 years old, including original art deco designs and glass buttons from 1940s Austria.

There are buttons made from shell, pearl, horn and olive wood, plastic decorative buttons of both new and vintage designs and buttons decorated with Swarovski crystals. If a customer requests a particular button which is not held in stock, Maureen Rose will use her extensive contacts to try and source it from suppliers wherever possible.

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